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Security advisory MailAnyoneAnywhere

...just notified the author of the MailAnyoneAnywhere Windows application about a number of security problems with his software.

The application, probably first reviewed by, is currently being offered/recommended with positive reviews on larger networks such as and

Expect the current version of the application to be pulled out (or - easily - made unusable by some miscreants, before then) - you should not rely on it too much ;-)

[ details in a week ]

iPhone Internet Tethering | Personal Hotspot
on Backtrack 5 running kernel 3.2.6

I am an occasional user of the Internet Tethering feature of my old iPhone 3G running iOS 4.1. The feature is now called Personal Hotspot in iOS 5. On my laptop, I (also) run a Backtrack Linux installation which has no built-in support for iPhone USB tethering and - differently than plain Ubuntu - no installable option from the default repositories.

For some unclear reason, the modified dkms from the pmcenery repository stopped working once I removed the old kernel modules (one of the anomalies being the interface shown as wwan0 instead of the usual eth1, even after removal and rebuild).

Executing the below commands *literally* across updates might be unsafe for the system, it worked fine for 2 of my - updated - BT5R2 systems as of today, though:
apt-get install ifuse gvfs libimobiledevice0 libimobiledevice-utils \linux-source-3.2.6 linux-headers-3.2.6 build-essential cd /usr/src
(of course, only if not already done before ;-)
tar xfvj /usr/src/linux-source-3.2.6.tar.bz2
(same as above)